Meet the Team


Salon Director – Principal Stylist

Captain Amazing

What he doesn’t know about hair isn’t worth knowing. Seriously. Quiz him if you don’t believe us… he always has the answer to even the most obscure hair information.  It’s really quite annoying!

When he is not pampering clients, Reece is channeling his creative energy into writing a book, though no-one really knows what it’s about (possibly even him).

Not that he is obsessed with image, but his camera roll is full of selfies (the proof is his instagram account)

Spots in his chair fill up months in advance, so appointments are essential (though he is pretty bad at saying “no” when his clients ask “can you just squeeze me in?”)

ps: don’t ask him about reality TV. Please.

Reece is currently taking new clients by referral only


Principal Stylist

The Busy Bee

Up at the crack of dawn every day, Emma’s source of energy is a complete mystery to Captain Amazing.  Always perky. Always smiling. That’s Emma. Even after putting in extra hours several days in a row, she’s still on top of her game. Perhaps there is some truth to the wisdom that exercise increases available energy after all!

Originally from Ireland, Emma retains the Irish brogue as she chats away.  If you can’t quite make out what she is saying over the hum of the hair-drier, just smile and nod. Smile and nod

Emma has mad wanderlust and has racked up enough air miles over the past 12 months to travel to the moon and back at least twice. Actual. No LOL


Principal Stylist

The OG

Stacy has been with us since day one, with only a break to bring new life into the world, Stacy is The Original.

Stacy’s the quiet one, at least relative to most of the ZBD team. She’s mad keen on her NRL (we are talking “Mad Butcher” level of fanaticism here!) and we are hoping like crazy that the new addition to her family doesn’t end up liking soccer instead!

Stacy is the only hairdresser we know that has an aversion to taking selfies! This is the only photo we could find when we stalked her facebook page

Stacy has limited availability for new clients on Wednesday and Friday




The Future

Having the dubious honour of being the most frequently called upon team member, Sam (or “SAM!” as he’s known around here) is likely the one that will answer the phone when you call, and will certainly be the one that sweeps up your hair when you’ve gone.

At the beginning of his hairdressing journey, Sam is already a master at what we all know is the best part of every salon visit: the head massage as the conditioner is applied. #bliss




Technically not a team member, as he is not really allowed to step foot in the place, Otis is as mad as a chair and exceptionally high maintenance.

A prima dona; pampered; precious

So, nothing like his “daddy” then